One notebook, or multiple books?

I can’t believe I’m the only person who’s wrestled with this issue: You want to have a note book in your pocket for recording thoughts. You also need one in your car, in your bag, on the nightstand, at your desk, etc. The problem is that you really want to have all your notes in one book – otherwise, it wouldn’t really need to be a book, would it?

Or, do you just have a book for each spot?

I’ve been carrying around a Moleskine for a while, one of several I own, and I use it just for the odd notes. Pretty much writing with whatever is handy, for whatever reason. It may seem silly, but even the most cryptic of entries still make sense to me, and immediately produce  flashback to when they were made. I like that, and I don’t want to give it up.

But I’m really sick and tired of moving this note book from my nightstand to my bag, from my bag to my jacket, from jacket to pocket, pocket to workshop, workshop to nightstand…you get the idea. It’s a pain, and I really, mostly, just need a place to write things down.

Why can’t I just have a notebook for each spot? I feel like a traitor – like the “main” notebook is being abandoned simply out of my laziness…

Two things: First, life’s gotta be pretty darn good before this kind of thing is a major worry, so I should be happy. Second, maybe that’s why Moleskine made those Volant notebooks.

2 thoughts on “One notebook, or multiple books?

  1. You wrote this 8 years ago. So, first, congratulations on having kept up blogging all this time! But second, any further thoughts on the one versus many notebooks question?


    1. Hi John,


      I’ve been around the one vs. many barn a few times. I’ve settled on one notebook for most everything, but a separate book for only a few specialized tasks:

      1. Tracking my weight and exercise, because I frequently compare to other dates, and this is a lot easier in a dedicated book.

      2. The journals I keep for my daughters, because they will get them as a gift some day.

      3. I think I’m going to start a tank log for the saltwater aquarium I just put together, but I haven’t yet!

      I find that looking back on my journal it’s more fun and satisfying to see everything together. The downside is it means a bigger/thicker book to get decent history in one book, if you write a lot.


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