Recording Thoughts While Working Out?

I just saw a post over on Donnie Jeter’s blog, where he talks about taking his Moleskine journal into the gym to “improve productivity”. I think whether or not this is a good idea depends on the gym, and it’s inhabitants. I know I’ve been in a few where this would be the cause of mocking laughter.

But it raises the question – what is the proper tool for recording thoughts in a gym? Phones and voice recorders don’t seem right – there’s no privacy. Pen and paper would have to carried from machine to treadmill to weight bench, and would have to be sweat proof.

At my company’s gym they used to hand out clip boards, which at least lent a medically official air to things.

5 thoughts on “Recording Thoughts While Working Out?

  1. To be honest, I’ve been an avid gym goer for 4 years now and I still record my routines on a beat up Marble Notebook. Sure the book is old with some sweat stains but it’s all about what you actually do in the gym. You don’t need all these fancy things.


  2. I, for myself, take a pretty complicated approach. I use a Moleskine, which is my journal, and then I put the numeric stuff in a spreadsheet to track averages. This leverages my tendancy to become obsessed with trends. Last but not least, I’ve been experimenting with putting this stuff on-line.

    But I’m just running and walking, I don’t go to a gym too much any more.


  3. Hi William – thanks for the comment! Since I wrote that post I’ve taken up running from time to time, and that presents a new problem – no notebook in hand, but running first thing in the morning unleashes a bunch of mental energy.


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