Another Moleskine Alternative

Jeremy Wagstaff over at has an interesting post about an alternative notebook to the Moleskine. What interests me specifically was the mention about how thin the Moleskines are – they don’t hold as much writing, and thus preserve a shorter record in a single book.

I took a look at the Miquelrius web site, which unfortunately is yet another idiotic European Flash site, and had trouble tracking down the various models. Actually I just ran out of patience. Still, it looks promising.

5 thoughts on “Another Moleskine Alternative

  1. You can find Miquelrius Leather look notebooks on our website and get them direct from us, the manufacturer! We now feature the improved version of our very popular and best selling leather look books, the NEW Flexible Notebook. We have taken the popular notebook and added an elastic closue to mark your spot! We have both sizes (4″x6″ and 6″x8.3″) and all paper counts (100,200,300) available.


  2. Well, maybe I am biased, but I spend a lot of time in my day job researching companies and from my perspective most of the flash is used by European companies.


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