Moleskine Volant notebooks going away?

I have to say I’m both surprised and a bit disappointed. A long while ago I bought a pack of Moleskine Volant notebooks. I was in Italy, and they were sitting near the register at a book store. Here in the US they are impossible to find in a store at all, so I bought them. They sat unused for a long while until I filled the notebook I was using and decided to give them a try. I kind of like them.

Because they are thin, they fill up quickly which reduces the amount of pocket rash they accumulate. While they don’t have the band or placeholder ribbon, they are pretty durable and write fairly well. All the pages in the second half of the book are perforated, despite the ad-copy that suggests only the last quarter of the pages are perforated (“Each with 64 paper pages….The last 16 sheets are detachable”). I’m not sure how well those pages will stand up, but I’ll know soon.

Anyway, I liked them enough to go to order more. I prefer the plain pages, but they are no longer on the website. The have only the ruled and address styles, not even grid.

Are the Volant notebooks going away?

One thought on “Moleskine Volant notebooks going away?

  1. I believe the Volant line was recently replaced by the cahiers line, but check around, I could be wrong. Maybe email Armand at Moleskinerie. I’d buy what you can, while you can, just in case. 🙂


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