Pen Review: Namiki Grance

The Namiki Grance is no longer sold, which is a real shame because it is a great combination of quality, price and pure usability.


I bought it back in 1997 or so, and it quickly became one of my favorites. It writes very well, with a ink feed that almost never dries out. I swear I can leave this pen full of ink for months, pick it up and if there is any ink left in it, it will write.

The cap is a click-on, instead of twist or threaded which I like. The pen is not very thick, and the nibs run narrow, but if you write fairly small it’s all good. The nib is not very flexible, but it’s very smooth. Construction-wise, Namiki doesn’t disappoint. Solid feel, reasonably tight threads with only a little grittiness when screwing the body together. There’s an O-ring to keep things tight, which is a nice touch. The cap doesn’t noticeably rattle when it’s on, which is often a problem with click-ons. The clip is very tight, and is designed to put a death-grip on a shirt pocket – it’s not going to be so useful when gripping thicker fabrics. The reveal is pretty short – perhaps a quarter of an inch – but enough to reliably grab the pen.

While these are no longer made, they are still showing up on Ebay for $100 or so. At that price, they are a nice pen, very usable, without the fragility you sometimes feel with more expensive pens.

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