Fixing A Broken Moleskine Band

Earlier this week I posted a message asking if anyone was interested in a post about fixing a broken Moleskine band. Since a few folks (it would have taken only one) wanted to see it, here it is!

Just so we’re clear, here’s the problem I’m talking about:

The elastic band that used to wrap around the book has pulled out from its little pocket. One person suggested using a rubber band, but that’s not why you bought a Moleskine in the first place, right? No proper Moleskine should go through life with a broken band, so let’s fix it!

This is not real hard to fix, but you’ll need to gather a few items:


A razor blade or scissors to trim the end of the band, a paper clamp to hold the band with slack in it, a paper clip, a small screwdriver or small pocket knife, a small block of wood and a spring clamp. Oh yes, and common household white or carpenter’s glue.

First, if the band is frayed like this one, it needs to be trimmed so it has a nice even edge:



This will make it a lot easier to reinsert the band in the hole. It might be tempting to use super glue to stiffen the end of the band. The problem with doing this is that if you stiffen the band right at the edge of the pocket, where it needs to bend, the band will stick out and break more easily in the future.

Now you need to clamp the band in place so that there is plenty of slack for putting it back in the hole:


After that is done, the hole needs to be widened out:


I used a small screwdriver, but any small flat item that fits will do. Another Moleskine I fixed looked like the hole went in the opposite direction, but this one clearly went in this direction. I don’t know if Moleskine has changed the design, but either way will work well enough.

Now, put a little white household glue on the band, just a dab will do it – you don’t want too much to soak into the band.


I actually wiped quite a bit off after I took the photo. Once that’s done, grab the paper clip and use it to stuff the band into the widened hole:


This takes a bit of fiddling, to both stuff the band in and even it out. Take your time and don’t worry too much about deforming the hole. Just get the band stuck in about as far as its width and evenly spread out.

Then you only need to use the block of wood and the spring clamp to clamp the band in place.

Fix moleskine 013

Let it dry for a day or so – this is no time to skimp on cure time – and your Moleskine should be good as new!

19 thoughts on “Fixing A Broken Moleskine Band

  1. Great how-to write up! I’ve only recently started to use my moleskine and if the strap does break I’ll know how to fix it! Thanks for taking the time to share this really handy tip!!


  2. Thanks!

    I’d be careful with Gorilla Glue for two reasons. First, the stuff sticks to skin very, very well. Second, it foams as it cures so you’ll need to keep an eye on it – some alcohol should dissolve it if it starts to creep out on you!


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  4. OMG! Can you believe I have never thought that, that great band could even break or pop out. That is because I have always seen then as perfect.WOW! So thanx so much for this article.


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