Awesome lap desk deal at Hampton Inn

I’m in the middle of a road trip vacation, and while driving from Minneapolis/St. Paul to Mackinaw City we stayed at a Hampton Inn in Wausau, Wisconsin.

Now, the hotel itself was fine. It was actually better than fine – the folks at the front desk were very helpful when we checked in, and even put us in the perfect room – and we had a great night.

The awesome part is the deal I got on one of their lap desks. If you’ve stayed at a Hampton Inn, you know that they have these nifty lap desks in their rooms. They’re pretty nice, with elastic bands to keep papers in place and a nice faux leather cusion on the back. As lap desks go, they’re pretty nice – nicer than I’ve found just about anywhere. So I decided to get one – or at least ask what they cost.

Take a guess…

Sixteen dollars.

Hampton Inn Lapdesk

Can you believe it? There isn’t even a Hampton Inn logo on it anywhere. I’m guessing that price requires a paid stay, but if you’re staying anyway it’s a real bargain.

[UPDATE – August 2009] Ok, today I’m getting a ton of hits on this from a tweet someone made. Apparently the price I got was a fluke, but Hampton Inn does still sell the desks for $55 on their site.

Don’t forget to write.

I picked up my journal the other day, to write down a few model numbers for some replacement filters I had to buy at the store. I have been using the Moleskine Reporter’s notebook, in small, and had recently started a new one so I was just a few pages in.

As I was writing I realized something. I hadn’t actually recorded a thought, meaning an idea or concept or feeling, in one heck of a long time. Between all the stuff I’ve been doing I’d forgotten to journal any of it. I’ve noticed that sometimes when I’m really busy and lots of stuff is going on I just don’t write anything. It’s a shame, because that’s usually some of the better stuff to be writing about.

It also hasn’t helped that I haven’t had to take many notes for work – usually I’ve got trade shows or the like to keep me busy, but things have been a bit different and that hasn’t happened lately.

Since we record our thoughts for lots of reasons, I think it’s easy to forget how important it is to record our thoughts just for ourselves. Do it. You’ll be glad you did – not next week, or even next year. But years from now you’ll look back and learn more about yourself than you thought possible.

So don’t forget to write.