Finally got a Moleskine Daily Planner

If you read my main blog, Lornitropia, you know I started exercising again as part of a plan to lose some weight. Well, I know a lot of people think that weighing yourself every day will drive you nuts, but I’m one of those people who’s got to see the data. So I weigh myself every day using a Tanita scale that measures body fat, water, bone mass and some other stuff and I was recording that data in my usual journal, a Moleskine pocket size notebook.

Well, between that data and the notes from runs and strength training sessions the notebook was filling up at a rapid rate, and my thoughts were getting burried in a bunch of record keeping.

So I decided to get a Moleskine Daily Planner to keep all the fitness and weight stuff in.

It’s got the following advantages:

  • It’s got a page per day. So, if I skip a day I have to waste a whole page of my book. That hurts a little, so it’s a nice reminder.
  • 1 page per day provides just enough space to document things enough, without providing a huge void that needs to be filled on days when I don’t exercise.
  • There are whole-year planning pages for the current and following year which are nice for jotting goals (like when I’ll bench press my weight, or run a 5k for the first time) and even a rough training schedule.

The pockets and address book in the back are so far unused, but they’re very nice. Overall, I’d say this book represents much better value than their usual notebook.

The only disadvantages are:

  • You cannot really use it as a calendar as well, there isn’t enough room.
  • It’s a thick little sucker, about twice the regular notebook. On the other hand, the thickness gives the small book a nice heft.

So, if you’ve been wondering what to use as a running or workout log, give a Moleskine Daily Planner a try!

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