Pen Review: Lamy Studio


I bought the Studio during one of my pen-buying trips to Daly’s Pen Shop in Milwaukee. Every once in a while I just need a new pen, and this little guy went home with me.

It’s a hefty pen of pretty substantial girth. The ball point is advanced with a twist of the barrel, but the mechanism is easy enough to use that it can be activated with one hand with a little dexterity.

The clip is a spring clip, pretty stiff, with perhaps 1/16″ capacity to get over a pocket hem. This isn’t really suited for clipping in a casual jacket pocket but a suit coat should be fine. Speaking of which, the pen has a refined appearance that is understated and I think it would go well with business wear. The reveal is very short so I couldn’t go sticking this pen in tight pen sleeves – between the girth and reveal you might not get it back out.

It’s got a little bit of refill click – the refill rattles only a little. The refills are, of course, very high quality Lamy refills so the pen writes well. The black ink isn’t quite as a black as Fisher black, but it’s a minor complaint.

Overall, at $50 retail, this pen is a good value. If you’re looking for something with refined appearance and good usability, the Lamy Studio is a good choice.

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