Black is back

As I started pulling old pens out of storage and cleaning & filling them, I realized another change that’s happened in the intervening years. I’d switched to black ink.

My mother was always a black ink fan. She always said that nothing seemed permanent until it was written in black – she was raised in the fountain pen era, by the way. I always thought it made more sense to write in blue, so that one’s signature would stand out on copies. In fact, Namiki/Pilot blue was my favorite. I think that is partly why I ended up switching to Gel pens and then to the Fisher – the color was just so consistent.

But after I switched away from fountain pens, I switched to black ink. I’m not sure why, or when exactly. All I know is that when it came to filling pens, there was no black ink in the house.

I surfed a bit looking for some recommendations, and ended up at the Fountain Pen Network. Opinion there suggested to me that Aurora and Noodler’s were the blacks of choice. After a quick order at Fountain Pen Hospital, a bottle of each should be on my doorstep, along with a Namiki Vanishing Point nib section in broad, on Monday.

3 thoughts on “Black is back

  1. I tend to use black for notes and other writing that is intended for myself only…if it is for a signature or a letter/note to someone then I use blue. Just my personal preference. Great looking site you have here.


  2. I like Aurora Blue (which is a nice purplish shade of blue, not nearly as boring as Washable Blue), but their Black (Aurora makes only the two ink colors!) is too gray for my taste. Try Noodler’s “Bulletproof”. THAT’s a nice deep black! I use Noodler’s Zhivago a lot. That’s a British Racing Green sort of Black-Green. It’s a cool ink in that it looks slightly more green the wider the nib. AND it takes for ever to dry (90 secs or more in my Medium-nib Pelikan 800), which I consider an advantage.


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