Recording Expensive Thoughts

How much would you spend on a journal? Not just any journal, but one specially made to not only last a long time (in an archival sense), but also look good while doing it?

Check out For $495 you can be the owner of what must be one of the more expensive journals on the planet.

I have to admit it looks pretty cool. I’m not sure I’ll write anything that will be worth the expense, but it would be a heck of a gift.

Visiting Fahrney’s Pens

I was in Washington DC during the past week. It was my first time in DC, and overall it was a good trip. The Pelikan M200 in yellow, with the Richard Binder nib I took with me was a fine performer, and the Noodler’s Van Gogh Starry Night Blue ink worked well as always. The pen easily held enough ink to last the trip, although I didn’t do a lot of note taking. The Van Gogh ink has been hard to give up. I’m not that crazy about the color – it’s black until you put it next to a real black, then it’s very slightly blue – but I keep filling the pen with it. I should probably pick up some of their Midnight Blue and see how it rights. Maybe at the Chicago Pen Show later this month.

One of the treats was being able to visit Fahrney’s Pens on F street, and even though we have Daly’s here in Milwaukee, Fahrney’s carries more paper. I picked up some Crane paper in Monarch size, and a Rhodia notebook. Not sure why I picked up the notebook – there’s just something about seeing something rare and thinking I may never have a chance to pick one up again.

Anyway, it was a nice shop. I’m not in the market for a pen, but they had everything one could be looking for including an impressive display of Dupont, and even the Parker Duofold Citrine I’ve been lusting after.