More evidence that handwriting’s here to stay

The LA Times has an article about handwriting, and how the quality of one’s handwriting can impact one’s life. It’s an interesting article.

I smile every time I see an article or post theorizing that handwriting will go away, or is going away, or has gone away.

Have you been monitoring the economy at all? Ever filled out a job application? Not all of them are done online and I imagine it won’t be long before “write neatly” is added to the list of things a job applicant does to differentiate themselves.

But education isn’t likely to help much. I know my wife, a 2nd grade teacher, says that cursive isn’t really taught or used much anymore in her school.  As my children get closer to school age I wonder what if any instruction they will get on handwriting. I’m no calligrapher, but I think I can fill in the gaps. Hopefully I won’t have to.

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