What size is the right size?

I just started a new notebook for my journal, and it’s another Moleskine. I know they sometimes have bleed problems (although only when my pens are really, really, wet) and are expensive but I’ve yet to find anything I like better.

For a long time I had been using the pocket size, and I even made a small bookshelf to hang on the wall to store them. It’s a handy size for carrying, and I tended to use fine-point pens with them.

Then last December I ended up using the large size Moleskine, and it was a different experience. I felt like I had  more room. My writing got neater. I actually wrote more.

When I filled that book up I went back to the pocket size, thinking the size advantage was worth it. Boy was I wrong! It drove me crazy – the lines were so short I felt like I was getting maybe 4 or 5 words per line . I quit that book halfway through, and am back to the large.

What size is the right size for you – Moleskine or otherwise?

One thought on “What size is the right size?

  1. I have actually switched to a legal pad inside my Coach zip portfolio (Remember I am just a salesperson with a glorified title!), and like the 8-1/2 X 11 format after struggling with the pocket size Moleskine myself. If I went back to Moleskine it would be the larger size for sure. Oh wait, I still carry the larger saddle bound style inside the Coach portfolio I forgot about that – 🙂


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