Pelikan M200 – The definition of reliable

As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve set aside the ball point and gone back to a fountain pen. This morning I actually remembered to throw my pen case in my briefcase.

So I opened the case just now and grabbed my Pelikan M200
(affiliate link). It wrote perfectly. No tapping the nib to get things started. No licking (yuk) the nib to loosen up dried ink. It just wrote like I’d just set it down. The last time that pen was used was January 5th.

One thought on “Pelikan M200 – The definition of reliable

  1. I didn’t learn to love the fountain pen until January 2009, but by then, I was 27 years old and well out of school.

    Had I had a good fountain pen and a bottle of my favorite ink (Noodler’s Heart of Darkness), I would have written much more.

    I am addicted to the smoothness, brightness, and beauty of fountain pens.

    Bring the fountain pen back. Noodler’s bulletproof inks and my Pilot Cavalier have made me give away all my old roller ball pens – don’t need them. They no longer have any benefits over a fountain pen.


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