My experience with grid vs square vs blank

I’m probably not the only one who ever sat in a book store looking at the different Moleksine notebooks wondering which one to get. Plain, squared, or ruled?

So I’ve tried them all, and have convinced myself that any particular one is really the right one for me at one time or another. Here we go again! 😎

I prefer it when I can pack more into each notebook, so I don’t have to refer to a different book when trying to find my notes on something that happened less than a year ago. It would be great if a notebook lasted years and years but they have neither the space nor the durability for that. A while ago I found that Miquelrius notebooks have more writing lines per cubic inch, but I couldn’t live with the Miquelrius notebook. The binding doesn’t lay flat and that drives me nuts. So, if I stay with a Moleskine, squared is the way to go.

The ruled notebooks have 30, 31, or 32 lines depending on whether you write in the very stop and bottom spaces. The squared have 41 lines. That’s a 30% increase, which is pretty substantial.

When I look through the plain books I’ve filled,  I notice that I write even less densely than in a ruled book. Even when writing with a very thin lined pen, I write with an increased line spacing. It does seem more natural to sketch in one, though, and that is usually the reason I use to convince myself to go with plain. Something about a blank page being more open and creative. I use blank paper to manage projects, and to write letters. There’s something about nice straight lines of writing on a blank page that is impressive as well.

The ruled books, however, do encourage straighter, neater writing. And when I use a broader pen to write, which usually makes it more readable later, my writing looks better at the wider spacing of the ruled books. There’s also the grade-school notebook paper ambiance going on. Ruled paper seems so normal. Comforting, even. It’s never stopped me from making an impromptu sketch.

So, as you can see it still isn’t a very clear choice. My current books are a grid at home, and ruled at work.

What do you use and why?

2 thoughts on “My experience with grid vs square vs blank

  1. Ilike the plain. I find the lined Moleskines too cramped and limiting. The lines are too close – I hate fine point pens to write in journals with – but also like the space to draw graphs and diagrams. So for me it’s the plain version.


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