A New Desk

Ok, it’s not new, because my father an I built it back in about 1979. But I just brought it home from his basement where it’s weathered many years and a few floods. It’s in good condition structurally, but has plenty of lifted veneer and dings.

I wanted to have a place that was focused on pen and paper rather than my computer. Computers have a way of taking over a desk, between a mouse, cables, and whatever extra USB connected doodads are around. This desk does a nice job of holding paper-related stuff but is not well suited to my laptop, although it does fit inside when I close the front. Because of where the desk is I’m motivated to close it whenever I’m not using it. My wife like this because it’s far more tidy than the huge pile of mess the computer desk usually is. I like it because when I want to write something it’s nice to have a clean place to do it.


I think I might make a replacement, out of a bit nicer wood and with a few minor changes. The cubbies aren’t quite tall enough for a #10 envelope, and they could stand to be a little wider. But that will be a fairly major project, and in the mean time I think i will just enjoy the desk I have.

2 thoughts on “A New Desk

  1. Love the desk, especially if you could exclusively use it for correspondences, for, you know, those times you don’t have a stationary lap desk to write on!
    (What yellow pen is that?)


    1. Hi Anthony!

      Would you believe I’ve actually started building such a desk. It will be a little smaller, and made of ash. I’ve gotten the wood and started gluing up panels but haven’t worked on it much since about March.

      The yellow pen is one of my favorite fountain pens – a Pelikan M200 that was sold only at a German department store. I found someone on FPN to buy one and ship it to me. I really like yellow šŸ˜‰ I put a Binder nib in it most of the time, but switch things around from time to time. When I’m not into pencil or ballpoint.


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