The Surprising Paper In The Laundry Test

As I was writing a recent post where I mentioned that paper with some cotton content was a must for durability. It occurred to me that I hadn’t really proven that it is more durable, it was just my opinion.

So I decided to do an impromptu test. I wrote on 4 different kinds of paper with four different kinds of pens, folded them up and put each in a different pocket of a pair of jeans. I put the jeans in the washer, and then waited to be proven right. Actually, I was hoping to be proven right. Surely the washing machine is a decent test, right?

The results were very surprising to me.

I was convinced the 100% cotton Cranes paper would be intact. In fact, I was pretty sure all of them would be. I figured that much of the writing would be as well.

I opened the washer to put the clothes in the dryer, and noticed that the pockets were inside out. I looked around for the folded notes, but couldn’t find them. I searched further. All I found were a few shreds of paper stuck in the back pockets. 100% cotton, or 0% cotton, it didn’t make much of a difference. Ok, there were some clumps of paper that seemed to hold together better than the rest, but I couldn’t identify them.

So much for paper through the washing machine. I’ll have to come up with another test.

Anyone have any ideas? What do you think, is cotton paper really more durable?

2 thoughts on “The Surprising Paper In The Laundry Test

    1. Crane’s does currency paper, but they don’t offer it or anything like it to the public. I would love it if they would create paper that was as durable as money, even it had to have some crazy colored silk threads as a defense against folks using it for counterfeiting.


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