Moleskine replies to my QC complaint

In my last post I wrote about discovering that my latest Moleskine squared notebook had really dark lines, and that I’d filed a complaint with them.

I got a reply from Moleskine. The darker lines are a design change, made at the request of customers who complained the old style was too difficult to see. I trust they are complaining no longer.

The reply stated they are considering lightening the lines again. It doesn’t matter anymore. Every time I use the new Leuchtturm1917 dotted pattern I wonder why it isn’t what everyone uses.

Anyone want a brand new Moleskine squared hardcover in large size? Maybe I’ll use it for freewriting.

4 thoughts on “Moleskine replies to my QC complaint

  1. Hi,
    I am a relatively new “notebook collector” šŸ™‚ but I just received an Ecosystem lined journal in my lost crates shipment. Granted this was a lined medium notebook/journal but the pages felt sturdy and its very nice quality. I don’t believe they have a dot version but they do have a gridded version. Plus the great thing is that all the parts of this notebook are made in the USA. The web site is

    Take care,


  2. If you don’t like the new, darker Moleskine lines, I don’t think you’ll like Ecosystem either– at least in the one I tried several months ago, the grid is more tightly spaced and equally dark– even more visually distracting than the new Moleskine design.


    1. Well I most definitely the the new darker lines. I’m astonished they made that change without more testing, but maybe the bulk of Moleskine’s customers don’t care.


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