Zebra Sarasa > Pilot G2

After reading Colin’s post on keeping. Lab notebook I got concerned about ink permanence. Ok, only a little, but it made a nice excuse to order some new pens to try, so I ordered some Zebra Sarasa gel pens in .5mm black ink. I could not find them in a local store, as America has apparently decided that .7mm is as fine as anyone needs.

I’ve been in a ballpoint phase, and the way these cycles usually go is that I move from ballpoint to gel/rollerball, and then back to fountain pens. The pens arrived yesterday along with a bottle of Noodler’s bulletproof black.

The Sarasa is a nice pen. It writes a little better than the G2’s I have on hand, and the ink dries noticeably faster a well. The grip has a more slippery feel, and is less contoured. It retains the “this should be more comfy than it is” feeling I have with all rubber grip pens.

It’s a cheap disposable pen, so there’s not much else to say other than it’s a better pen than the G2 but is harder to find.

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