Review: Nomadic PE-08 Easy Classification Pencil Case

I bought this on JetPens, and despite what the website may say, it’s not yellow, it’s as orange as it looks in the picture.

I never thought I’d carry a pencil case. I don’t need a bunch erasers, or a stapler, or tape, or paper clips and the rest of the stuff you see some people carry. What on earth would I put in one? But as part of an effort to sketch more I’d make it easer to carry some drawing pencils and erasers. Since then it’s accumulated some pens, spare leads for the mechanical pencils, and a few other items. I added the case to my order on a lark and almost cancelled it afterward because I figured it would be way too big. Actually, I’ve filled it. There’s more in it than I need for sure but it fits at the end of my briefcase in an un-used spot and it’s nice to have around.

It’s made in China, but it’s pretty well made. The color is bright and cheery and full of energy. It’s well designed, with just enough organization without being to gadgety or complicated. The top and bottom are padded with about 1/8″ of fairly stiff foam, which does a good job of protecting the contents and giving the bag shape. The zippers work well, and there’s a double zip on the main compartment.

It has three compartments, two on one side, and one large one on the other side.


The smaller pocket on the back side holds a few erasers and a pocket knife for sharpening, but won’t hold a lot more.


The larger backside pocket has no trouble holding 9 pens, although they aren’t bulky fountain pens. It has a slip pocket to separate pens from other items. The mesh shows through to this pocket. Not sure what it’s purpose is as it doesn’t really give much of a view.


The main compartment’s flap is gusseted, which is a really nice touch. The bag can sit unzipped without spilling everything. It will hold 15 pencils easily, and probably 20-25 max. It has two mesh pockets,which are a fairly tight fit. I can fit a Staedtler eraser next to the graphite stick, but not much else. There is foam in the panel between the main compartment and the rest of the bag.

Overall I’m much happier with the case than I expected to be. It’s been very handy to have with us when the girls are drawing, and it makes carrying pencils around the house nicer as well. Since it will sit open, it also makes a nice try to hold pencils when sitting on the couch.


5 thoughts on “Review: Nomadic PE-08 Easy Classification Pencil Case

  1. Great review Steve! I am from Australia and wish to buy this pen! Do you know any other online places other than jetpens that I can purchase from?


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