The Leuchtturm1917 Jottbook

The generous folks at Kikkerland Design sent me some Jottbooks to review. I like the Leuchtturm1917 notebook I have much more than than the Moleskine books I’ve had in the past – more advantages, while keeping everything I liked about Moleskine.

The Jottbooks are to the Moleskine Volant what the Leuctturm1917 notebook is to the Moleskine hardcover. Everything you expect, and a little more.

I got four: two pocket, one large (5×8) and one A4. One of the pocket books went to Ginny, my oldest daughter, who at 6 will happily use and fill any notebook you want to hand her. Unfortunately she’s also fairly good at misplacing things, and we’ve lost track of that book. I can tell you she beat it up pretty good, and it held together. Even tearing out a few pages didn’t cause it any trouble.

The 5×8 book I’m using to record thoughts for this blog. The paper is good, the book seems durable, and it has page numbers and a table of contents.

The grid versions of the book have a nice light gray ruling – the way Moleskines used to be. They have a spot for the date on each page, and a margin at the top and bottom.

The A4 book also has a margin on the outside of each page. These are nice touches – they provide space that is separate form the central, main writing area. This space is handy for making special notations, marking special pages, etc. I haven’t used the A4 yet – it’s actually so big it’s intimidating.

None of the books have that annoying spot to say way reward you’ll offer for the book, which is good.

All of the books have perforated pages, which I consider to be wasted pages. It’s just as bad as on the Moleskine, where about half the book is perfed. That means these books will see limited use for me, as I won’t write on a perforated page unless I intend to tear it out. I don’t need perforated pages – if I need to write something down for someone I use a business card.

If you’re a Volant user and are looking for something better, this would be it. These books are just becoming commercially available. From Laura at Kikkerland Design: is going to offer them any day now. Jeroen and his wife Sara are very well versed in notebooks. I’m sure they’d be happy to talk to you…at least let you know when they are going online with the Jotts.

Local shops offering the notebooks (or brick and mortar)

Powell’s Books in Portland OR has the largest selection. They bought all 12 skus/styles.

Ideal Stationers in Northern CA.

University Arts – several locations in Northern, CA.

The bookstore at Wisconsin State U in Madison is offering them.

Laywine’s in Toronto. Actually…several Canada stationery shops picked them up right away.

Fibre Arts in Palo Alto.

Bean’s and Barley in Milwaukee.

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