Pen Review: Lamy 2000 Fountain Pen

Lamy is to pens what Tissot is to watches. Great products at decent prices, with excellent quality. I’ve never had a Lamy pen that didn’t make me happy. There aren’t many brands that fall into this category, Pelikan and Namiki are the only others.


The Lamy 2000 is a black pen with a modern look and feel. The pull off cap is convenient, and the hinged clip begs for use. The reveal is about 3/8″, which is more than many pens, and more than enough to grab the pen out of a tight sleeve. The pen feels indestructible, and I believe it is made out of some kind of fiber reinforced plastic. This is one of the few pens I own that I don’t hesitate to carry without a case or let other people use.


The nib, while hooded and not adjustable, is excellent and expressive despite being hooded and not really flexible. I can’t explain it, but of all the pens I own, this is one of the most distinctive in terms of the line it writes. It’s not too wet, and not too dry. It takes any ink without trouble, and the ink level window just barely allows for seeing if the pen’s got ink in it or not. It’s a piston filler, and the pen holds a decent amount of ink.

On a recent trip this pen was one of two I took on a plane. It leaked, slightly, from the nib joint. I don’t give the pen bad marks for this, as I’m not sure the pen was full when I left and I don’t fly with pens very often.

It writes very broadly even though it is an extra-fine. For a long time I didn’t really use the pen, because on cheaper paper it wrote too broadly for me. Over time I learned that broader pens are usually easier to read later on. I began to leave the finest pens alone and the Lamy 2k started getting used more often.

On nice paper this pen is a pleasure to use. For me all the German brands have a lot of writeability – they’re easy to live with, and this pen exemplifies that. On journal paper it writes fine, but it’s too broad for me there. I use it most for writing letters and making notes on full-size paper.

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