Papercoterie Jounal

One of the presents I unwrapped on Christmas morning was a journal my wife ordered for me from Papercoterie.


Papercoterie is a site where you can send in a design or photograph, and they make a book or calendar.

Susan got a book for everyone in the family, each with a photograph on the cover. This of course makes a great gift because of the personalization, but will real pen lovers be impressed or satisfied with the paper?

The binding is sewn, has headbands, and lays flat. Like a Moleskine the first page of the book is glued to the flysheet (the loose half of the paper that is glued to the inside of the cover) so it will be annoying to write on, but it’s hard to mark the book down for that when Moleskine and others do the same thing. There is a placeholder ribbon.

All pages are lined with 6mm ruling. There are no page numbers. There is 20mm between the ruling and the binding, and 9mm between the ruling and the outside edge of the page. The top and bottom ruling lines are thicker. There are 80 pages. The papercoterie site provides little info on the paper, other than stating it is 50% recycled. This is a competently bound book which should be easy to write in, and the ruling is a common size and is purposefully laid on the page.

Fountain pens feel pretty good on the paper. Not as glassy smooth as Rhodia, and maybe a hair more tooth than a typical Moleskine. No feathering that I could see. The paper is white. My Pelikan M800 in EF was pleasant to use, and my Namiki fine was also nice. With the ruling this book has I suspect most will be using wider nibs.

DSC_0153.NEF DSC_0155.NEF

A 1-2 second pause didn’t bleed through with my pens, but a few mm diameter circle colored continuously for 10 seconds not only bled but through the sheet behind and onto the third. The same exercise with the same pen produced the same results on Rhodia paper. A 5-second circle didn’t touch the sheet behind, but did show through to the other side. My conclusion here is that if those writing with nibbed firehoses may be disappointed, but the rest of us will be satisfied. I’m surprised that this paper is more opaque than most, which is a nice surprise.

This book is clearly aimed at the mainstream user, who will probably not be using fountain pens. Fair enough, as it’s being sold as a memento and gift more than hardworking notebook. Still, it’s more competent than many journals found in bookshops, and has a personalized cover to boot. I think most serious users would find the book more than usable.

What will I use mine for? I think I might just do what the cover says, and write down the adventures I have with the girls.

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