iPad: the anti blogging machine

As I mentioned in the one other blog post I’ve written since getting my iPad, I got an iPad to blog more often.

For many years RecordingThoughts.com was lucky to get a post a month. It was more like a post every 6 months during the time I started having children. I late 2011 I decided it was time to step it up, and was able to do 3 posts a week.

Then I bought an iPad to make it easier to use lunch time and other empty moments to do some writing. After all, being lighter than a laptop and nearly as easy to type on it should be a great solution, right?


My last full week of blog posts was the first week of January, about the time I made a new logo for the site and tweaked the theme a little. I got the IPad on the 9th.

Now, it’s not a lack of ideas – quite the opposite. Between replacing paper with an app for GtD and other areas where old notebooks are threatened by new apps and the various new apps to play with there’s lots to write about. The problem is that the iPad was designed for content consumption, and mustering the discipline to write in this environment is like trying to diet in an office filled with home baking enthusiasts and microwave popcorn addicts.

A paper notebook doesn’t show posts from Facebook, or tempt me to do research. It just begs for writing because that’s pretty much all it’s good for.

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