Get unhappy with a notebook

You know chronic happiness is a grave risk these days, and we all struggle at times with excessive positive attitude, cheerfulness, and days when we just can’t help but point out the silver lining in everything. This can lead to our friends and family becoming annoyed, grinding their teeth, and alienation.

Did you know you can use a notebook to help manage these feelings and help keep some doom and gloom in your life?

Well get yourself a notebook, and try these simple exercises:

  • Write about the last mistake you made, and about similar mistakes you’ve made in the past. Is there an inevitable, inescapable pattern that will doom you to repeat them? How will this pattern deny you your destiny?
  • Call a parent and ask them if you’ve ever disappointed them, and if so how. Ask for details, and if they hesitate, then ask about your siblings and how well they’re doing.
  • Make a list of your less-experienced co-workers who you suspect are making more money than you.
  • Then make a list of everything you own. Subtract your total lifetime income, and note the difference. Where did the money go?
  • Write down all of the regrets you have. In each case, jot down a few thoughts on how much better your life would be if you had not made such bone-headed decisions.
  • Do a daily freewriting exercise: What do you have to complain about so far this morning?
  • During the day, each time you touch a public object, like a door knob, note it along with an estimate of how many filthy, disease carrying slobs handled it recently.

You don’t have to spend every day gleefully living life, going to bed each night with facial muscles weak from smiling. Give it a try today!

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