On using a Waiter’s Pad

If you haven’t read James Altucher’s blog you should. He’s got a lot of interesting views and had a lot of interesting experiences. Along the way he’s learned some good stuff on how to keep an even keel.

He often mentions making lists of ideas, and he suggests using a waiter’s pad to write them down. He explains it more in this post. I was intrigued by the format and the advantages he outlined, so I decided to give it a try. Here’s my observations, using an ACR-G3632 pad I picked up at a local bar supply shop.

  • They’re not $.10 each any more. I paid $.85 each in the store. I now realize that the National Checking Company WaitRPads are cheaper, and probably a little nicer. Live and learn.
  • The ones I got have pretty thick paper. Like a cheap index card. It’s nice to write on with a pencil, probably not so great with a fountain pen. The paper is rough but absorbent.
  • Limited space encourages focus and concision. I actually feel pressure to not go over one line per item.
  • Funny looking on my desk, but no one’s noticed yet.
  • It’s designed to be consumed. The perforations are good, and pages tear easily. Binding is a pair of staples. Not for archiving.
  • Kinda small for note taking, but there are two sides.
  • The pages are serial numbered. Not sure what uses that might have, but it seems like it should be useful. At the least, it enables one to put the sheets back in order later.
  • Handy spots for the date, initials. Mine don’t have the table layouts that James mentioned, but I can live without them.
  • The guest check makes nice shtick for serving internal customers. Take a request down on the pad and hand them the tear-off part on the bottom. Could be the basis for a task management system,
  • The pad is a little big for a shirt pocket. Most of them seem to be 3.5″ wide.
  • The accounting department may never accept one of those tear off receipts again, now that they’ve seen the pad on my desk.

Is this helping me? I don’t know. Maybe. I’ve had it on my desk for maybe a week now and I find myself looking for it specifically.

Anyone else trying these?

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