Congratulations To The Winner!

The winner of this week’s giveaway, a pocket-sized Moleskine softcover notebook, is comment 22, as chosen by


And the 22nd comment was:


Congratulations Olivia! I will be contacting you via the email you entered on the comment shortly. Stay tuned for another giveaway next week!

Moleskine Notebook Giveaway

[UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed]


I’m one of those people who buys extras of things when I think I’ve found something I’ll use forever. As a result, I’ve got quite a stash of notebooks and other items I’ve accumulated over the years, but it’s time to clear some of them out!

The item I’m giving away this week is a Moleskine Pocket size notebook, soft cover, ruled.


You have until Saturday, July 21, 11:00pm to post a comment. I will take the list of commenters to this post, remove any duplicates and posts datestamped after 11:00pm 7/21/2012, and pick one at random as the winner. I will post the winner’s comment here, and use the email address in the comment (it’s not posted publicly) to contact the winner.

Good luck!

First Cases And Happy Customers

It took me a long time to finally decide to sell stationery cases, and now I look back and wonder why. I shipped the first few cases to my first two customers, Anthony and Mike, and was gratified to see they’re very happy with them:


“You have produced a thing of beauty, my friend, that I will cherish for many years to come.” wrote Anthony.

Mike is similarly pleased: “To say that it is satisfactory would be a gross understatement. Your craftsmanship is excellent.”

If I had known how good it would feel, I would have done this a lot sooner!