Notebook Update – what to put on the fly sheet?

I’ve gotten some more page proofs for my new notebook project back from the printer, and they look pretty good. I think the dot density is about right.

Now I need to finish the actual page layout & table of contents.

But there is one last piece that can be added. In the front of the book there is a sheet that we can fill in with info. It’s the fly sheet, which connects the book block to the cover, so it’s not very good for writing. But why not put something there?

What would YOU like to see there?

Moleskine Giveaway #2

The great notebook shelf clear out continues!

The item I’m giving away this week is a Moleskine Pocket size notebook, hard cover, squared.


You have until Monday, August 13, 11:00pm (post time as shown on the blog) to post a comment. I will take the list of commenters to this post, remove any duplicates and posts datestamped after 11:00pm 8/13/2012, and pick one at random as the winner. I will post the winner’s comment here, and use the email address in the comment (it’s not posted publicly) to contact the winner.

Good luck!