You want what?

Drag. There. I said it.

While I was thinking about the crimes that pens commit, and the Easyflow, I was trying to figure out why I keep coming back to the Fisher cartridge when I realized that it had to do with the way the pen feels on the paper. Really, it’s drag.

Now lots of folks work really hard to find the right nib and paper combination to get the ultra dragless feeling of a ballpoint writing on glass, and sometimes I get that bug was well, but nowadays I like some drag.

It’s why I like pencils as well. The way a writing instrument drags is like the bokeh on a photograph. It’s background, but also part of the picture. It’s the foundation of the experience and frames subject. Like bokeh, it has a subtle but strong influence.

2 thoughts on “You want what?

  1. Guess I was the exact opposite in recent weeks going from my Fisher refill, where the drag was starting to bother me and slow down my writing, to my Easyflow 9000 where the writing experience is faster to keep up with my thoughts.
    It depends on paper also; my Franklin planner paper seems to make the Fisher refill skip a bit…one can seen the letters and lines have variation to them in the color. This is with a brand new Fisher refill. My letter and lines are smoother (but more purple) with the Easyflow.

    I guess the ultimate refill for me would be the Fisher blue and the the smoothness and speed of the Easyflow in a broader point.


    1. I agree with you on the Easyflow being purple. Calling it blue is really a stretch.

      The Easyflow was frustrating for me. Love the feel when it’s writing smooth, but the two I have both feel like the ball is out of round. The point stumbles at random times which is irritating. Its gotten better on the one that I’ve used a lot, but not enough to keep using it.

      Maybe I just got a bad unit?


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