Discovering The Chronodex

You may have wondered where many of the photos of that cool looking Midori Traveler’s Notebook come from. As I discovered looking at someone’s pinterest page, I discovered Patrick Ng, who seems to be the Midori Traveler’s Notebook champion. At least in terms of photography, if not overall Midoriness.

Anyway, Patrick has a blog post about the Chronodex. When I saw it I was reminded of the first time I saw a circular slide rule as a kid,

or the control panel of a mainframe computer. Visually striking, and compelling in a way that few things are to me.

(photo credit: Patrick Ng)

Have a look – if you’re a planner user, you have to give this a try.

Unfortunately for me, I know I’ll never use a paper calendar for anything but tracking diet and running stats, since Outlook has taken over American business. Still, I might try it for record keeping…

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