220 Days With The Master Dots

On February 19, 2012 I made my first entry in the Leuchtturm1917 Master Dots notebook, and 220 days later I made my last. I’ve written several posts about this notebook, and the last was about its durability.


I’m happy to say the covers didn’t fall off, and no pages fell out, nor did any serious tears develop. I hauled the book daily in my briefcase. I also carried it on vacation and traveling.

The useless perforated pages in the back that I used for a few lists even stayed attached.

The only really serious points of wear were at the corners, especially along the spine – you can see how the corners wore down. At first I was a little disturbed by this, but it’s harmless as far as the book is concerned, and testifies to the journey it has taken


So, did I like it? Would I use another one?

After I finished this book I thought about what I would use next. I made another Poor Man’s Midori, with a nice dyed cover and read place holder ribbons. That lasted about two weeks. I briefly thought about using a BookFactory book I’d received and started using for a dedicated notebook on a specific subject, but the page format was just too dominating and dark.

In the end I pulled out the leather Master Dots the folks at Leuchtturm1917 had sent me and it’s my current notebook.

I’ve written about the benefits of a larger page size before, and I’ve noticed that this last book lasted about 7 months – about the same as the book before that which was A5 size, or about one quarter the page area. In the larger book I did do a bit more drawing, but I still must have written at least three times as much if not more. Truth be told some of it was drivel, and some always will be, but because I had the space I wrote more about everything, which is the point of having a notebook in the first place.

I know I’m past sounding like some kind of brainwashed big-notebook zealot, but if you haven’t tried a big book you should.

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