A Vote For Ballpoint

So I’ve ended up using a gel pen lately. It’s because the inserts I made to use my new leather notebook cover have Atlas Bond in them. Nice paper, but unlike most notebook papers it doesn’t take ballpoint ink very well, so I tend to gravitate to fountain pens or gel pens.

So I’ve been using the TUL pens and a Zebra Sarasa.

While I really like the line density, they don’t very long. I figure I’ll get a month out of the Sarasa vs. at least 6 months for a Fisher refill and more than a year for a Caran d’Ache Goliath.

One thought on “A Vote For Ballpoint

  1. Right gel pens/inks. I don’t expect my gel refills to last long as they put the ink on the paper (where I want it ) rather than lasting forever and putting out a faint skipping line that I have to carve into the paper.

    I love the lines of the Parker blue gel refill and since they are common can be brought cheaply in bulk. So I don’t mind that they don’t last that long…the ink it puts on the paper certainly makes up for it. The one thing I can’t get over with the Parker blue gel though is its susceptibility to water. Unlike Parkers black gel the blue gel will wash away completely with the slightest water. So I’ve been using regular ballpoints. This week I’m back to an old favorite; the Parker blue broad refill. This is a not their new Quinkflow Ink but the older lubriglide ink. They have stopped marketing this broad point almost everywhere. It puts down a nice blue line for a ballpoint.. It’s kind of like a Fisher blue medium but with less drag and smoother lines.

    So yeah, love the gels but for blue with more permanence I need to go back to ballpoint.


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