The Crane Computation Book

I bought the Crane’s computation book at Broadway Paper here in Milwaukee, back when that store focused less on gifts and greeting cards, and was in a rickety old space. I found it on a shelf, by itself, and while its blue pages put me off a little, being an engineer the word “computation” on the front made buying it an imperative.

Of course I don’t think it was aimed at engineers or anyone else doing computations, as the blue paper makes for pretty low contrast. It was a nice idea though. I contacted Crane and they say it hasn’t been available for 6 or 7 years.

I actually used mine for computations, for a small engineering project I did for a friend. Despite there being several alternatives in similar formats, I like the 100% cotton paper, no pages wasted by perforations, and no silly pocket in the back. Maybe Fieldnotes or someone else will make a suitable replacement.


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