This is no way to treat a notebook!

We were driving down a country lane in northern Florida when I suddenly realized I’d make a horrible mistake.

“Stop the car!” I said. “I left my notebook on the roof!”

My wife, Susan, slowed the car and I hopped out. As I feared, the notebook was nowhere to be found. So we turned around and headed back down the road. We’d only come a mile or so from her parent’s place, where I’d left the book on the roof and then gotten distracted, and it shouldn’t take long to find it. So we headed back expecting to find it in the driveway. No luck. On the second outbound trip Susan spotted the book on the edge of the road. As we stopped in front of the notebook and I got ready to hop out to go grab it it was Susan’s turn to yell: “Wait! Somebody’s passing us!”

Some yuklechuck decided he couldn’t wait for an oncoming car in order to pass us on the left in the conventional, legal, way and passed us on the right, going up and around on someone’s lawn to do so. At least they didn’t run over my book or hit me in the process. I wouldn’t have expected folks in the country, especially in the south, to be so impatient!.

As I walked up to the book expecting the worst I saw that it didn’t look too bad. After checking out the various bits of damage, I concluded was run over at least twice, based on the tread patterns found on some of the pages.




The book faired pretty well. The binding is intact, no pages are missing, and the cover only got tattered and creased a bit. Many pages got badly crinkled, but they were pages that were already filled. Only 4 empty pages were lightly creased. I found the book open. I’m not sure if I left it banded shut or not. While I’m not a big fan of the elastic band, this is one situation where the book would have avoided some damage if it had been kept shut.

The book is a Leuchtturm1917 master dots notebook with a leather cover. I think the leather cover may really be worth the money. The last book I had was the same cover with the regular cover, and I don’t think it would have held up this well. The leather feels really soft when new, but it seems to be sturdier.

I’m glad it came through ok, and I hated the feeling I had when I thought it might be gone for good. And now it has a lot of character.

Still, this is no way to treat a notebook!

4 thoughts on “This is no way to treat a notebook!

  1. Goodness, I’d have lost my mind! Glad you found your book intact! I wonder how a contemporary Moleskine might have fared. Wait. I don’t wonder. 🙂


  2. I think a famous author once wrote a story about the fate of a turtle crossing a road. A yahoo who’d break a turtle’s back wouldn’t think twice about running over a journal, little caring for the life inside either.


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