Trying the iPad once again

It’s been quite a while since I last posted here regularly, but there’s been several reasons. I changed jobs, got some stationery case orders, went on a vacation, and started running again. It’s always amazing to me how time can fly!

So at my new employer using technology isn’t quite the problem it was at the last, and this new freedom has me trying to do GTD on the iPad again. It’s been about 2 days, and already I’m having second thoughts.

I really, really want it to work. Seriously, I do. However the old problems remain:

  • Omnifocus still doesn’t do reporting.
  • Adding an item electronically takes more time than adding it to a paper list.
  • I can’t seem to find a way to separate home and work lists.
  • I end up having to carry the iPad everywhere, or ‘typing’ on my iPhone when away from my desk.
  • No Windows version of Omnifocus, or anything really close.

I might get David Allen’s guide to implementing GTD using Outlook and Reminders, and see if I can make that work, but I have a feeling I will end up on paper again.

If only Evernote provided the converted text when it converts handwriting on incoming notes.

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