Catching up

Wow. It’s amazing how easily one can get crushed, and by things that seem almost invisible.

So back in April I started a new job. It’s a great job – more pay, more engaging work, etc., but quite predictably it crushed my ability to post here and other places. Eventually I started to regain capacity as I got more acclimated to the new gig, but something else was working behind the scenes and not in a good way. A grim reminder on how unfinished business can bring one down.

Long story short, between a vacation to see some family and taking care of the demon unfinished business, I suddenly found myself full of the energy I’d lost. Not only that, but a flood of post ideas for Recording Thoughts including new stuff from OfficeMax to review, some thoughts on how the NSA has really screwed up, and a paper you won’t want to leave out of your collection.

Let’s hope it lasts!

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