The NSA really screwed up

Once upon a time there was a product manager for a consumer products company. He was approached by an inventor in the early days of aerosol products, who had a great idea for a product. It was a thin oil that would displace water an put a protective film on metallic surfaces. It also provided some lubrication. The product manager didn’t really see any use for it, and turned the guy down.

The product was later produced, and is called WD-40.

The product manager,  who was my father, obviously saw his mistake once WD-40’s success was apparent, but sometimes when opportunity knocks we just don’t listen.

I think it will be the same with the NSA.

For those who are looking for evidence that the government is out of control, and democracy is being destroyed the NSA could hardly have provided more evidence. Obama has recently tried to address the issue (pathetically, in my opinion) in an attempt to restore the broken trust.

BUT, If the NSA had done things just a little differently, they would have not broken our trust and made a mint in the process. It goes like this:

  • Create a subsidiary in silicon valley. Keep the NSA tie-in, but make a separate brand.
  • Create a product that promises to automatically archive everything you do on the web, storing it for prosperity, making it indelible, backed up, and easy to share if desired. Really, this is just Evernote with some added functions.
  • Emphasize that all of the content is encrypted, so it is safe. Use some typically funny marketing language to make it seem like the NSA can’t break it while not actually saying that: “All of your data is encrypted using an algorithm that has even the NSA in awe – ‘I wouldn’t want to be the guy responsible for breaking that code!’ said NSA Chief of Data Security, Jeff Birdsplat.”
  • Offer this service for FREE to the American people, and watch them sign up.
  • The next time congress needs a few extra bucks, just start charging $45 a year for the service, and watch captured users pay up.

Ka-ching! All the data they want, collected more easily, voluntarily, and getting paid for it.

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