End of journal review: Leather Leuchtturm1917 Master Dots

I received this journal from Leuchtturm1917 free of charge, and it took a while before I got around to using it. At first I was intimidated, and then got into it easily. Since then it’s been a pretty nice book.

Shortly after I got it, it suffered a bit of trauma when it fell of the roof of a car in Florida at ~40 mph, and got run over several times by other cars. I could tell because of the different tire tread patterns left on the pages. I don’t think any other notebook I’ve had would have sustained that damage as well – the leather really is tough.

The covers on the leather book are more flexible than the regular notebook, which I don’t like. Otherwise I prefer the leather. It’s soft, but tough, and feels very luxurious. Boardroom quality.

I’ve become much more of a ballpoint and pencil user, and so while the paper handles fountain pen ink pretty well, that’s not much of an issue for me. It does not handle ballpoint ink well compared to other papers, but one doesn’t use a ballpoint for the beauty of the ink…usually. Pencil works ok, but it needs softer grades. A 4B on Stillman and Birn Alpha paper is like using charcoal. On Leuchtturm1917 paper it’s more like a 2B on Alpha, so a 2B pencil is about as hard as I use on that paper.

I don’t use the pocket. I stuck an expense check back there once and forgot about it until it was past its void date. Never again.

The table of contents has gone mostly unused. In fairness, this notebook had few business ideas or the like, which is what I usually need the TOC for.

Will I buy another leather journal? I don’t know. Cost is part of the issue, but I enjoyed putting stickers on my first Master Dots, which I felt I couldn’t do on the leather one…I kind of miss it. Yes, I know, it’s a bit silly for someone my age but that is the point actually.

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