Master Dots #3 Usurped!

My third master dots notebook arrived from Goulet Pens a few days ago, quickly and superbly wrapped. After I’d ordered it I had contacted Leuchtturm to see if I could get a leather notebook – I’d happily pay for one. Alas they aren’t in the US, so I will keep the regular paper-cover one I ordered.

It’s just like the first one I had, and you can read my review of that one here.

I was happy to start using it, but I’ve been thinking about going to something smaller. While I love the big pages and plenty of room, the book is just a smidgen too big for some bags. It results in extra wear at the corners. The covers, being a bit thinner than usual, make the book seem a bit floppy when sitting with it in the lap, where I’m commonly writing.

While waiting for Master Dots #3 I decided to order a BookFactory blank book. I had been talking to them about a custom notebook that I’ve written about, but lack of interest from others and money from me have left that on hold. I decided to go back to basics and get just plain old white pages. The book is 8 x 10, the paper isn’t quite as nice as Leuchtturm, but there are a lot of pages and the covers are stiff. These books are meant for industrial record keeping/patent notes, so they’re about as sturdy as books can be. I do not intend to see if they will survive the fall-off-the-car test however.

The paper is white. After the Leuchtturm1917 cream, it seems very cold and sterile. It takes pencil much better than LT paper does, but fountain pen ink isn’t as well behaved, and ballpoint seems a bit thin. It fits in bags much better, and is a bit more comfortable in the lap. It doesn’t make the kind of statement the Master Dots did.

I feel a little guilty about the Master Dots that is now sitting on the shelf. I may go back to it – my first two Master Dots books are good old friends. They’re big books with big content. Will this smaller book be full of small content?

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