Strathmore Writing – Awesome Paper

Anyone who uses fountain pens knows that paper varies widely in quality. These days the most important quality of any paper bought by an average office is cost. Writeability, feel, and durability just don’t matter. The result is paper that works just well enough to get the job done, but there’s not much pleasure there.

I’ve tried quite a few different papers, and there are a lot of papers that excel at one purpose or another, but fall short in another area. There is one paper I’ve found that is excellent regardless what I’m writing with, and is available in reams. Strathmore Writing can be had in a few different colors, weights and finishes.

While I bounce back and forth between paper and software for organizing my work, I tend to to use paper for ideation, taking notes, and the like, so I have a pile of paper in my desk at home, also at work. I also use it for stationery, as they sell matching envelopes.

It’s not as smooth as Clairfontaine, or Tomoe River, but I like a little texture. In the heavier weights it will easily take fountain pen ink without bleed and not much show through. The 20lb I’ve started buying never bleeds, but it’s about as transparent as regular office paper. What I like is how the surface takes ink, and the feel.

If you’re looking for some decent, reasonably priced desk paper, give Strathmore Writing a try. If you’d like a sample, write to me using the address in the About page, and I’ll send a few sheets.

You can get it at,, and other places I’m sure.

10 thoughts on “Strathmore Writing – Awesome Paper

  1. Thank you for the recommendation of Strathmore paper.
    Have you tried Strathmore 25% cotton wove paper 24 lb? I am considering purchasing a ream of this paper in Natural White, but I wanted to be certain that it would be friendly with fountain pens, dip pens and inks.
    Thank you again for the review!
    ~ Tessy


    1. Hi Tessy,

      Thanks for writing!

      The paper I was describing is the wove finish, but in 20lb. The 24lb is pretty much identical but for the finish. I have some on hand, and if you send a SASE I’ll happily send you a few sheets – the address is in the About Me page.

      By the way – if you don’t mind, how did you find the post?


  2. Thank you Steve for the response! I will send a SASE, I would love to try some of this paper. It is always better (imo) to test out papers and inks before committing to something that may end up not working for you in the long run. I appreciate your kindness and generosity! Thank you very much! 🙂

    I think your post was excellent. It was very well written, it was eloquent, down to earth, stated facts and preferences, you explained yourself very well, and your paper recommendations were thought out and helpful. I feel that you combined an excellent mixture of both facts, personal thoughts/preferences, and what will be most beneficial in general for people writing with fountain pens.

    I appreciate you taking the time to post your thoughts and share your findings with others. Keep up the great work!! 🙂


  3. Hello thanks for your post! I just bought my first traveler’s notebook and I’m wanting to make my own notebook inserts for my standard writing needs. I however don’t use a fountain pen I am using pens like the Stabilo 88, Le Pen and Staedtler and I’m looking for paper that won’t bleed thru so I can use both sides like a journal or a calendar. Do you know how this paper would hold up?


    1. Hi Natalie,

      Thanks for writing! I’m not very familiar with the pens you mention, although I’m guessing they are felt-tip art pens. I have a few similar pens I can try for you.

      I think the 24lb might be a better choice than the 20lb weight for bleed through, but I will give them a try.

      Stay tune!

      BTW, how did you find the post?



  4. Thank you! I was searching paper with no bleed thru on Google and found some good ones people suggested but then I was searching each paper. When I searched the paper I found your blog post. I have not started using a fountain pen since I am fairly new I didn’t know which one yet I want to start learning with. But I’m making notebooks and I’m using thicker paper right now but I heard that some thinner papers can work for my needs.


    1. Hi – I did a very simple test using a fine sharpie, and found that the 20lb did bleed through if I paused while writing, so it may not be a good choice.


  5. Thank you so much Steve! Three sheets are plenty for me to test with my fountain pens and dip pens to see how it will work with my personal writing style. 🙂
    I appreciate your generosity very much!!
    Wishing You Many Whimsical Moments,


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