Thinking while bathing

How do you record thoughts in a bathtub? It’s not a simple problem.

A bath or shower is relaxing. No one can expect much from you while you’re bathing, not that they might not try, but the warm water and quiet have a way of freeing the mind. A free mind naturally leads to big ideas and epiphanies, and like any sensible person, you want to get them down before they’re pushed out by the next thought. The challenge is how to do it in a bathing environment.

You have spraying water, humidity and dampness, so electronics are going to be challenging, although not impossible. Offhand I’m not aware of an underwater voice recorder, but a GoPro camera would work. Lot of work to get the result in usable form, however, and how likely are you to have it charged and ready each morning? Not to mention, the resulting video could be a real liability in the wrong hands.

You could leave a voice recorder running in the dry part of the bathroom and just record the whole session, but who wants to log 30 minutes of bad singing to get to 1 minute of genius? Plus that recording could also be a liability.

Paper never fairs very well, although the products by Rite in the Rain might be the answer, when combined with a bullpen – a Fisher Spacepen would be the ideal choice.

I think the solution is actually simple – a washable marker, or crayon, and write on the tile. Take a picture and upload it to Evernote, when you’re done. Writing on the tile feels bad, even though I have the right to do so, and that could encourage creativity.

Have you ever recorded a thought while bathing? How did you do it?

One thought on “Thinking while bathing

  1. I’m always needing to note things down in the bath. Sometimes I call out to my partner who types me a quick email. Sometimes I have my phone nearby and record an audio memo. I haven’t really found the ideal. It would be great if Siri could automatically record audio memos based on voice command.


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