Live Better In 14 Days With Pen And Paper

I’ve been thinking about this blog a lot lately. I started it about 10 years ago, and when people asked what it was about I always said it was about pens and paper and pencils and ink and etc. The answer always rubbed me the wrong way. Sure, I like these things as the reviews will attest, but it’s not just about these things. The tools alone aren’t what has kept me interested for this long.

After some more thought it hit me that it’s really about living better by recording thoughts. There are lot of ways the simple act of writing can help us live better – lots of folks keep to do lists and journals. There are many more ways. I’m sure some of you do these things already, maybe other folks need a push.

So I decided to make a list of the short, simple ways that pen and paper can improve our lives. It started as “Three ways to live better with pen and paper”. Then it was six. Then it was ten. I finally settled on “Live Better In 14 Days With Pen And Paper.” I thought of a few more afterward, but we’ll stop at 14.

With a pen and some paper you can live better. It’s not magic, and it’s not likely to be a big life changing deal at first. Instead it’s a lot of different exercises that deal with specific problems or help in a small way. It’s less about a big transformation than leveraging some simple, productive activities to gain insight and perspective. You don’t have to use pen and paper, but most people have both at arm’s reach most of the time. You can use Evernote or an editor if you want.

Do you want to live better?

What do I mean by that, you ask?

Worry less, get more done, be more relaxed, and enjoy more contentedness. You’ll probably improve your relationships a bit, and your job. You might even end up making more money down the road. Anything’s possible, and at least one of these things is likely.

Some of these ideas are proven techniques that have been around for a long time. Some are new, and some are experiments.

Starting on Monday, and over the next 14 days I’m going to post an exercise each day. While one or may take longer, most won’t take more than 5-10 minutes. All you need is a pen or pencil, and some paper – a cheap spiral notebook or a stack of copy paper will do.

For 15 minutes a day would you give it a try?

I’m going to publish one per day over the next 14 days. Email subscribers will continue to get their updates on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday – you’ll have to go to to get them if you want them on the day they come out.

C’mon & join me!

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