LBI14DWPAP Day 1: Get Happier

Welcome to the first day of Live Better In 14 Days With Pen And Paper – to day we’re going to focus something simple, but a great start. We’re going to get happier.

This exercise is one that has been mentioned a lot of places, because it works. This is a good one to do every day, or at least every day that you don’t have sunshine beaming out of your backside. It’s easy, it’s fast, and you will feel better even if you didn’t feel half bad to start with.

Write down five things to be happy about. Really, at least five things.

Start with the big easy ones: I haven’t been eaten by a shark, I haven’t been trampled by an elephant, etc. Then move to the more realistic ones: Cancer free? No cavities at the dentist last visit? Job ok, or at least steady? Roof over your head? You get the idea.

After the big easy ones go for the subtler ones – things like remembering to get some exercise, or resisting the urge to honk at a slow pedestrian, or whatever. Even in our bleakest times we have little victories.

They don’t have to be master prose, but each one you write will lift you a little. Doubt it? Try it. Don’t feel you need to stop at five.

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