LBI14DWPAP Day 2: Stop Doing Something You Want To Stop Doing

On day 2 of Live Better In 14 Days With Pen And Paper we’ll continue to help ourselves by getting rid of something we need to stop doing. We all have bad habits, and one easy way to get rid of one is to think of several.

Write down five things you’d like to stop doing. They need to be things you can reasonably stop doing – no writing “I’d like to stop paying taxes.”, ok?

For example, one I often write down is that I’d like to stop having any alcohol during the week. It makes me tired and useless in the evening, and it’s a waste of money.

Simple enough? Here are a few that might be useful:

  • Stop watching TV in the evening
  • Stop eating ____________ or _____________ or ___________ to be healthier and/or lose a few pounds
  • Stop ignoring the check engine light/missed bill/stack of junk mail/I’ll get to that soon pile.

I think you get the idea. Five things. Go!

3 thoughts on “LBI14DWPAP Day 2: Stop Doing Something You Want To Stop Doing

  1. Hi Steve! I really like the LBI14DWPAP concept and I thank you for encouraging this activity. Yesterday I wrote several pages in my journal about things that I am happy about. Today should be no different with a laundry list of things I would like to stop doing (including laundry, but I won’t include that on my list – laundry is as inevitable as taxes). In addition to listing these things, I find it helpful to write a few sentences (or more) about the reasons why I am happy about it or why I want to stop doing it, such as the benefits of stopping (save money, calories, etc.). Your example above about not drinking alcohol during the week is perfect. Taking the time to write the reasons may help solidify why it is important. Thanks again, and keep up the good work! I’m looking forward to the rest of the series. Ishinho


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