LBI14DWPAP Day 3: Understand The Value You Bring To The Job

Today on day 3 of Live Better In 14 Days With Pen And Paper we’re going to work on improving your career. Not instantly, but in a way that will make handling your next review or interview a lot easier.

Ever go to write your resume and struggle to come up with something good? If you’re like me, the very thought of it can be debilitating. How about your performance review, when you’ve gotten done listening to their assessment of you and they ask if you have anything to add? Felt unprepared? This happens to a lot of people.

The solution is to arm yourself with some information, and the best time to do that is now – before you need it. This is a simple exercise – ask some coworkers that you trust a simple question: How does my working here make things better? What have I done that has value?

It’s best if you can phrase this in a way that doesn’t make people feel like their engraving a tombstone – keep it conversational. Offer to them what value they bring. Let them think about it if they don’t have anything off the top of their head.

It’s also a good idea to ask your boss, or perhaps folks in adjacent departments.

It is important to ask only folks who you actually work with. People who receive your output or depend on you. Asking an old friend who you only see at lunch isn’t very productive.

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