LBI14DWPAP Day 5: Solve The Gift-Buying Problem

Here on day 5 of Live Better In 14 Days With Pen and Paper we’re going to help deal with a source of stress for anyone who’s got to get gifts for others during the year, by getting some of the thinking and decision making out of the way now.

Write down 3 gift ideas for everyone you have to buy a gift for in the next year.

This is an immediate benefit. Even if you’re at that age where you don’t really have to get anything for anyone, it’s nice to have ideas.

It’s ok if you have the same idea for more than one person – it makes shopping easier. These need to be reasonable ideas, no Ostritches or fighter aircraft.

You only need three per person, and they don’t have to be fantastic ideas. Think of one of the more lackluster gifts you’ve received lately, and aim for better than that.

Pro tip

Ask them. You might be surprised, and likely they’ll have an idea or two. They’ll probably forget before the next gift giving occasion anyway.

Super pro tip

Ask them if they have an Amazon wish list. Like shooting fish in a barrel!

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