LBI14DWPAP Day 6: Come Up With Better Ideas

James Altucher is the genius behind this, and in his view it’s best if you do this every day. Coming up with ideas is a skill that needs to be maintained with practice. So, the practice is to come up with 10 ideas for something.

I’ve never been able to develop the habit of doing this every morning or even every day, but I know that just doing it a few times does make a difference. It doesn’t even seem to matter what subject the ideas are for, as long as it’s narrow even that it takes a bit of struggle. As long as it takes an effort, the value seems to be there.

How about 10 ideas that help you with something you’re struggling with? Here’s some subjects to get you thinking:

  • 10 ways to arrange the furniture in a room differently
  • 10 cheap vacation ideas we could do during the summer
  • 10 things that I could sell to come up with a little extra play money

You get the idea. 10 ideas on one subject. Go!

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