LBI14DWPAP Day 10: Improve your job/career

Yep, just like yesterday, Day 10 of Live Better In 14 Days With Pen And Paper is a short one. No creative writing here. Find a job site, a career site, or something similar. Find five things you can do to get ahead.

Some feeder stock:

-Learn to network and start growing your network.

-Ask your boss for feedback. Skip this one if your boss is a jerk.

-Ask your boss about doing more X, if X is what’s missing from your job.

Ok, two more and you’re done!

Now, some of you might be thinking that today and yesterday weren’t exactly profound, and you’d be right. The point of this isn’t really to be profound. Sometimes we just need to do the obvious. It may not be profound, or create profound change, but if it gets you and edge, it will be worth the 10 minutes you spent on it, wouldn’t it?

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