LBI14DWPAP Day 14: Write Someone A Letter

Woo hoo! The last day of Live Better In 14 Days With Pen And Paper! Today we’re going to do something a bit rare these days. We’re going to write someone a letter.

Go on, think of one of those people (maybe a relative?) who you haven’t kept in touch with very well.

Get a piece of paper and an envelope. Write a letter by hand. Just tell them what’s going on. It doesn’t have to be prose. It doesn’t have to be neat. Tell them what’s going on and ask a question or two.

More than half of the value of a letter is just in seeing it in the pile of mail. A real god-damned letter written to just that person that isn’t a bill or junk mail. They’ll thank you for it.

If you’re lucky (and this is pure luck, by the way, don’t take it personal) you’ll get a reply some day when you’ve forgotten about the letter you sent. Then you’ll get a nice surprise as well.

2 thoughts on “LBI14DWPAP Day 14: Write Someone A Letter

  1. Hi Steve! Thanks, again, for posting the LBI14DWPAP series on your blog. I have been burning up my journal and other paper over the last two weeks with all of the writing activities. Some were easy, some were difficult, and some were quite uncomfortable if I was being honest with myself. But all of them involved a substantial amount of handwriting. Now you need to do a giveaway of paper/journal or ink to compensate your followers for all of the paper we’ve used and ink we’ve spilled over the last couple of weeks. Since I’m not ready to quit just yet, I think you should publish “LB365WPAP” – a full year’s calendar with a similar activity for each day and a blank page to write your responses. Why not?


    1. Hi Ishinho – Many thanks for the post and the feedback! I’m not sure I have 365 ideas, but I might get close 😎

      Would you be willing to share which one you found uncomfortable? If not I understand.


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