Pen And Paper On Choosing A House

Last summer we moved into our new house in Kentucky. We looked at a lot of houses. It’s hard enough to find a new place in a region that is familiar, but in a new state it’s even more challenging.

I kept bringing a notebook thinking the notes would be helpful in making a good decision. I was wrong – the notes I kept didn’t help at all, but I later realized what I should have done and hope my experience can help someone else.

This is a simple tip for those house hunting in a new area, or perhaps making a similar choice:

When you write notes on each home focus on what you don’t like. Specifically the deal breaker items.

Yes, that sounds backward, but here’s the explanation:

We started with a list of “musts” – must be close to school. Must be walkable to stores, or at least a park so the kids have some autonomy and wouldn’t drive us nuts needing rides everywhere. Must have all kid bedrooms on the same floor. Must have room to park the truck in the garage. Space for a shop. Nice yard. And on and on and on.

The problem is that the perfect house doesn’t exist, and in the end the choice involves compromise. But it’s not clear what compromises have to be made until after you’ve seen a bunch of places and learn what is available.

As we gave up on some items we remembered that there were homes we liked but for those items. The trick is to find those houses to reconsider them. It’s impossible to do this when all that’s been recorded for each house is what we liked.

If I had kept a simple list of address, and reasons why we didn’t like it our search would have been easier.

One thought on “Pen And Paper On Choosing A House

  1. Good advice, we just went through the same thing last year. This however is one of those time electronics beat out my travelers journal. I use tables in Evernote for these kind of things. Tables are better than spreadsheets because you can put lists and more data in cells. So it is easy to organize the things you liked, wish, and deal breakers.

    Love your blog, keep it up


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